Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Bucket List - A Picture Says A 1000 Words!

One day, I will experience this.  What a picture, just wow! 

Nothing quite so lovely.  Just stunning in winter's white!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Pretty Tables

As my children have gotten older, you'd think that I'd have more of a "place setting" type of a dinner, now that they're all young adults.

But, as the years have gone by, sometimes I'll have one or two of their friends joining in, it's turned into more of a buffet and casual seating type of an affair, sofa & comfy chairs, rather than the dining table.
Image result for Thanksgiving table
A little less work for me when it comes to designing & decorating.  But, sadly, I really do miss and beautifully decorated, fancy type table.  Here's hoping for Christmas! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It's Thanksgiving Already?!!

Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago we were all Bats & Halloween?  Where did this month go?  Wow!  I don't know if it's just me, as I get older - just stuff is like Whizzing by!  Just Woosh!  Summer, Labor Day, Halloween, now Thanksgiving.
Related image
Well, moving homes at the end of September didn't help none!  Took me three or four weeks just to find all my pots & pans, much less get ready for Halloween.  Here we are half way thru November and I just found my other box of Halloween decor, and I'm like - OH, THERE it is!!!
Now, it's Thanksgiving and I can't find my platters - oh my.  I didn't put one pumpkin at my front door in October.  Just, don't know.
I couldn't get up the energy to doll up our front porch. I was drowning in boxes, paper and peanuts.
Oh... yeah, still going thru boxes... do not look inside the storage closets.
They're a disaster waiting to happen!

Image result for Fall Porch
But, I will have a simple & minimalist display out front, when my daughter comes for Thanksgiving.  I can't NOT have decorated a little - she'll think I've had a nervous break down if she doesn't see something out front. LOL!!

Image result for Fall Porch
I am however, thrilled that I have found all my Christmas storage containers.  Yay!  I moved in October 1st, and I just found my Christmas boxes.  Good timing.
Note to self.
Don't ever move again!!!
Gobble - gobble
Image result for Thanksgiving pumpkins
Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Find Your Peace?

Lots of people talk about their "bliss".  I get it, that's nice and all, but bliss is fleeting and
as I was thinking on the whole bliss thing, I got to thinking on peace.  I find my "peace"
a lot more often and fairly frequently in so many simple things that occur all around
me, daily.  Bliss in infrequent at best and it rarely lasts for very long.
Today, driving down the road - which for me happens to be a waterfront street overlooking 
Puget Sound, I couldn't help but love the sky a big full pallet of watercolor grays.  White, 
to light gray, from light gray to deeper gray...till finally, way off in the horizon a deep,
 foreboding almost black gray. It was awesome. It was beautiful.  And, in that moment,
just a moment of simply admiration... I was filled with peace.
That sky so vast, so amazing and alive in color, so majestic - I praised God and told
Him what it felt like for me to look at something so beautiful that only He could create.
Peace grew into joy!  Joy at the simple fact that I could feel such happiness, such lovely
emotion and all I was doing, was driving to work!  It was a lovely start to my day. 
Thankfulness, peace, joy - a big gray sky.  I hope you your simple everyday will bring you
something peaceful to enjoy.  I believe that it's in the everyday & that it happens all around us.
May God Bless you and may you Find Your Peace.

Monday, September 10, 2018

And...It's Orange Time

Pumpkins - Oh My!!

Can't wait, just a few more days till it's officially FALL!  Then, it's pumpkin time.  My front porch will get it's Autumn face lift.  Here are just a few photos for inspiration.
Topiary's are my favorite, just some green foliage and a pumpkin then - Wha Laa!
This stairway is just about the same size as mine, but I would only be able to decorate the right side.  Our left side has no rail or wall, so usually anything will eventually end up - down below.  Sadly.

This last one is so pretty and so very simple - Orange flowers and pumpkins - my kind of easy.  Hope you too, are having squash thoughts - LOL.  Enjoy getting Fall ready!

Just a pretty pic, as my thoughts wander to books, pink stuff and tea on this beautiful pre-Fall day.  Light rains, gray skies and a wonderful smell in the air.  The PNW Sound is beautiful with white choppiness as the wind blows.  It's so beautiful in WA this time of year!

Rainy Day's & Monday's

Literally raining on this Monday.  Here is a A wonderful photo taken from Owen's Beach at Pt. Defiance.  And, who doesn't love to sit by a window, and read a book while you listen to the rain.  
It's one of my favorite peaceful pastimes.  Give me a cup of Tea, a scone & a window.
I Wish it had rained this weekend - how I would have loved to sit in my favorite chair.  What a wonderful thing it is to smell the Fall rains.  I am totally anticipating my favorite time of year!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tea Cakes

Back in the day, tea cake typically referred to a delicate, light & airy sponge cake, orange or almond white cake or lemon sponge cake.  Simplicity, I think was the style.  Understated elegance.  They were simple, pretty and amazingly delicious.  They still are. They are always the best desert with Tea.
Now enter the new Tea Cake - Literally!
A TEA Cake, amazing!  And, I just love them.
I've never tried one but I long for the opportunity to see and taste one of these lovelies.
So, I admire them from afar.
But my question is...are these lovelies TOO much for your average, everyday
having the girls over for Saturday tea kind of Tea Party?
Just for the sake of having one of these beauties, I might actually be talked into it!
I'm sorely tempted.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's A Love Thing
Love isn't holding on, nor is it hanging on, it's letting go.  Love isn't feeling complete, feeling at home or feeling safe, it's about making a completely safe home environment for the hearts of those you care about.  It isn't about having a partner, having fun or having kids, it's about having the strength to accept not having enough sleep or energy because you are busy giving to those who need you, those who depend on you greatly.
And, in return, you get everything you need, your needs are exceedingly met and you have more than enough.  Love comes, when you give it your all.
Just a thought

Always think, before you jump!  "Yes, maybe I should have called", rather than plunging into the lake?!!
My favorite line in the movie.  But, how sweet was he to simply listen and accept what she was saying, no matter the ridiculousness of her actions.  Emotional moments often lead to silliness, awkwardness, regretful, ridiculous - "Wish I could do this over, please?!" moments.  But, if ever in one of those situations, be kind, listen, be thoughtful, be patient.
We all of us have had those, "leapt before I looked" moments and don't we always simply want to be understood?